05 OCTOBER 2018

Giving is not something that we talk about often, too many of us are focused on the ‘struggle’ of our daily lives to even think of giving back, more especially to those less privileged. To date, the Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone has made potent efforts to contribute towards the betterment of surrounding communities; by reaching out to those less fortunate and being proactive in community outreach programmes in collaboration with other stakeholders.  

The RBIDZ this year, recognises and celebrates the struggle icon, Tata Nelson Mandela’s 100th year through various activations, with the recent one initiated at the rural school; Mkhandlwini Primary School in the boarders of Empangeni, KwaBiyela area, where a much anticipated donation of school jerseys was made and adding to the generosity the RBIDZ team brought to life the spirit of Tata by painting the school, leaving a mark that they care and strive to continue on Tata Mandela’s legacy.

It is when you are down there, where they are, that you realise the plight and the greater needs that they have and you get to see that the little that you do really goes a long way.

The RBIDZ understands that responsible giving is a thought that should be embedded to all humans and facets of societies for the development of our people, by doing so, Tata will unrelentingly be proud of our united efforts to enrich South Africa, our nation.