28 JANUARY 2019

Remarks by RBIDZ Representative (Executive Manager - Office of the CEO)
KCDM Matric Top 100 Achievers Awards- 22 January 2019

Her Worship the Mayor, Cllr Mkhulisi
Municipal Manager, Mrs Ndlovu
Speaker, Mr Hadebe
District Education Circuits Directorate 
RBIDZ Social and Ethics Chairperson, Bab’Mbatha
All Councillors Present
Senior representatives from Department of Education
CEO’s present
Richards Bay Corporates’ representatives
All guests
Members of the Media


I Greet you all!


It is a great pleasure for us to be part of this outstanding yearly event and mainly to share the joy and achievements of the Matric Class of 2018.


The Top 100 MATRIC Awards is warmly recognised by the RBIDZ and various partners as you can see from the audience that is gathered here. We thank you Madam Mayor for nurturing this baby and taking it to your heart.


As the Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone we pride ourselves for being part of this winning TEAM from our District.


Maybe before I go any further let me just introduce the Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone; RBIDZ is a State Owned Company reporting to the Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs (EDTEA) led by honourable MEC Sihle Zikalala. The department is a critical one in ensuring that the province stays financially afloat and contributes to the economy of the country.


The RBIDZ is as such a company whose mandate is to attract domestic and foreign direct investments into the province for the upliftment of the economy, development of skills and creation of employment opportunities. Given this mandate it is therefore the main responsibility of the RBIDZ to contribute towards changing the lives of the people, critically here in the District. So that is one of the reasons why we are here to celebrate with you, wish you well and see to it that you venture into the next future milestone. We are very much certain that the future of the country is in you, and more so the future of this District.


Honourable Mayor and distinguished guests; As the RBIDZ we are present here today to recognise the students who have not only excelled in their academic pursuits but who have shown resilience and came forth regardless of the backgrounds and adverse challenges they faced.


Apart from an illustrious track record of academic achievements, we are adamant that you possess all the qualities of responsible youngsters who are committed to represent the District out there. 
Learners soon to be official students; As you are all gathered here, you have something in common and that is being role models for the upcoming learners, you are the stars and above all this you are the leaders of tomorrow. 


Madam Mayor, our gratitude goes to the principals, educators and parents for the concerted efforts and support in enhancing the whole-person development of these young achievers we see here today.  We would also like to acknowledge the hard work of honourable Mayor and her Council who have seen it fit to have the event of this nature every year; this is more than a Council decision but something resonating from the heart of a parent, a mother who has a purpose and well wishes for her children.


Every learner in this ceremony is telling us that the efforts put in, in the education system and in all endeavours aimed at changing the lives of the people is not going to waste; and you are the witnesses seeing from the fruits that we are bearing. The fruits provide the evidence of the accomplishments of our education to foster whole-person development, enhance life-long learning capabilities and more importantly, nurture positive values and attitudes towards life.


Madam Mayor, These Awards fully demonstrate how our students have benefitted the most from our education reform – having successfully struck the balance between achieving academic excellences and developing life-long career aspirations along the learning journey.


We wish to emphasize that your life journey begins today and here; you have already laid the foundation and you cannot turn back now after such a long journey. Now is the time to TAKE IT ON and shake the world.  Choose your careers wisely, choose your friends wisely and always remember where you come from. Do not be fooled by the riches of the Varsity life, but stick to your dreams …. ONE day you will thank yourself like you are doing today. Make us PROUD AGAIN AND COME BACK … tell us about your journey, your achievements we would like to know and be happy for you. 


I am sure that all of us here would like to be assured that giving you a step into the future made a difference into your life.


Madam Mayor, you will recall that in January 2018, we were here for the Class of 2017, and we did mention that RBIDZ awarded bursaries to 7 learners from this District; we are happy to say that these learners are progressing well in their careers and we are supporting them again this year with full bursaries which are costing us close to R700 thousand.


We are again happy to say that today 10 of the matriculants gathered here today will receive Registration Fees from the Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone.
With these words we would like to again congratulate all these Top Performers who have represented the District well with their outstanding achievements, and we have no doubt that every one of you will excel in ‘your’ future endeavours and positively contribute to the future well-being of the society and our nation as a whole. 


Learners always remember that your attitude will open many doors for you, and always bear in mind that the key to success in life is not to get ahead of other people, but to get ahead of yourself…. Set your Goals and pursue them.


In closing honourable Mayor, our heartfelt ... Thank YOUS’ go to you, Department of Education, Parents, all partners that have contributed to the success of this meaningful event. 


As the RBIDZ we are sure that this Awards Ceremony would continue to be an opportunity to celebrate the remarkable achievements of our learners in the many years to come.

Finally, may we wish you all a Happy and Prosperous Year of the ACHIEVEMENTS AND EXCELLENCE.





Writer – Choice Sihiya (RBIDZ)