29 MAY 2018

In the rural area of Mbongolwane which is in the outskirts of Eshowe, more than fifty (50) learners from Dumazinkani Primary School still faced the cold weathers without shoes.

It did not take much from the RBIDZ to act on a call to give a helping hand to the outcries of the little ones who bore the daily walks to school without shoes. The RBIDZ recently ended the daunting walks to school barefooted by donating pairs of school shoes to the school.

On the official handover of the brand new schools shoes, educators were elated and extended gratitude to the RBIDZ for answering to a call to assist. The school head Mr. Myeni stood firmly to say; ‘it is through donations like these that the learners’ days of walking to and from school barefoot and in torn shoes are over’. ‘We take it as our responsibility to ensure that the children are well grounded and happy to come to school so that the educators’ job to instil knowledge is easy’.  ‘It is very hard for the teacher to educate a hungry child and a child that sees himself different from others; hence we take it upon ourselves to seek for partners to assist us in fighting visible signs of poverty within our environment’.

Learners could not contain their excitement as they could not wait to fit their shoes proudly, with unwavering smiles showing on their faces.

Sinqobile Mthembu, a seventh grade learner delivered his thank you speech saying, “Thank you RBIDZ for the school shoes, you have shown us that you care by your willingness to embark in such a long distance for us, just to ensure that we are like other learners out there. School shoes play an essential part in school leaner’s everyday life, and there could never be a better season for them to arrive”.

‘The RBIDZ understands that its growth within the region would not be meaningful if it does not take care of its own people, and critically the younger generation is the future;  and that is the reason why nourishing the socio- economic needs is amongst the top priorities of the RBIDZ’.