Unlocking Gas to Power market dynamics, financing and investment in the World Congress - Cape Town (16-17 May 2017)

17 MAY 2017

Various stakeholders from across the world join heads in a two day Gas to Power -World Congress taking place in Cape Town to unpack and address challenges around the energy space.

Significantly, it has been noted that gas and the renewables are the solid partners that could help address the outages and lows of energy. Admittedly so, the experts in the energy space have a huge role to play in unpacking various issues that require attention whilst they exercise options to eradicate the energy shortages across the globe.

Whilst exercising options to tackle the energy dynamics, it is evident that there are critical issues that still require intense interrogation before various countries can fully claim that the natural gas is indeed the future energy alternative and that it is an alternative that will be well received by the markets and be profitable for the investors. 

Intensely  the audience formed by institutional investors , fund managers, regulators, developers, energy companies, banks , engineering companies debated and shared ideas on topics revolving  around the off takers of the alternative energy , opportunities in the emerging gas markets, affordability, innovations in LNG and power delivery, lessons learned  by other countries that have already developed  power plants .

Remarkably the Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone represented by CEO – Pumi Motsoahae shows optimism and commitment towards the 2000mw allocation for the LNG gas to power plant. The allocation for RBIDZ was announced by the Minister of Energy in October 2016.