23 MAY 2017

Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone senior management partake on a fourth Capacity Building programme on Special Economic Zones taking place in Tianjin - China from the 24th May to 13 June 2017.

The team join other Special Economic Zones (SEZ) practitioners and other sector specialists from the Department of Trade and Industry (dti), provincial departments and agencies responsible for the SEZ Programme.

The programme seeks to equip the participants   with skills and capabilities to understand the SEZs operations and how to implement sound and strategic objectives around the development and management of SEZs.

The Department of Trade and Industry –Dr Rob Davies, highlighted that the programme is part of the five –year agreement that was signed by South Africa and China in 2014 and its intention is to train about thirty (30) officials per year on the planning, development, management and operation of the SEZs.

The strategic intent of the programme is to ensure that practitioners in the SEZ’s are fully capacitated with critical skills on operating the SEZs to ensure that they are able to utilise the acquired knowledge to plan and operate fully fledged and functional SEZs that will be able to execute strategic objectives as mandated.

Significantly, it should be noted that it is the government’s vision to have fully and competently operational SEZs in South Africa and such can only be derived by ensuring that the pool of officials that are tasked to manage the SEZs are assisted with the technical knowledge and skills to deliver on the mandate.

The government is seriously committed in ensuring that industrialisation is accelerated as means to curb the many socio economic ills facing the country such as the high unemployment rate, poverty and under-development.

It should also be noted that the critical mandate amongst others,  for the SEZ’s is to promote beneficiation ,  value addition to the countries minerals and natural resources, develop world-class infrastructure necessary to support the targeted industrial sectors.

It is by this notion that Minister –Dr Davies believes that the officials who have been   afforded   this unique training opportunity will add value to the implementation of strategic objectives that will boost the performance of the SEZ’s and further contribute   to the   development of the country’s economy.