RBIDZ prides itself with the completed “State of the Art” Techno - park Administration Building

30 OCTOBER 2017

Techno - Parks by their nature are drivers of technological innovation, instigators of job creation and advancement of economic opportunities. The Techno - park within the RBIDZ is aimed to be a regional hub for innovation and attract collaboration from various networks of enterprises, tertiary and research institutions. It is a known factor that well utilised Techno - parks can be a source of global knowledge, innovation driver, development and commercialisation of technology resulting in job creation and enhanced quality of life.

Elevating positive prospects and thriving to close distant technology access, the Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone’s Techno – park Administration Building is complete with its striking stature and is already drawing curiosity from various stakeholders who have good intentions to start utilising it.

The facility will in future provide the intensely sought-after innovation and global knowledge to the King Cetshwayo District and the KwaZulu-Natal Province at large.

Recalling the inception of the project, months have certainly passed by and the state of the art Techno - park Administration Building on the ground is evidence of the project well executed and RBIDZs’ optimism to bring about change to the District and the Province.