Swahili as compulsory subject on the cards...

01 FEBRUARY 2018

School learners will soon be compelled to learn an extra compulsory language to accommodate other Africans living in the country.

This was revealed by King Cetshwayo District Director of Education, David Chonco during the recent district mayoral matric achievers ceremony at the Empangeni Civic Centre.

‘’At an education meeting in Pretoria recently, it was agreed that Swahili, which is used in most African countries should be added to our curriculum.

‘’The motivation behind this is to enable our future leaders to interact with other Africans. Some African countries do not speak English, but they speak and understand Swahili, said Chonco.

Chonco also said that the Department of Education realise that most South Africans lack patriotism and as a result learners will soon be obliged to add History as a subject to ensure that they know where they are coming from and where they are going’’.

About 100 learners from various schools in the King Cetshwayo District were recognised for their hard work. The top District learner, Sukoluhle Ngwane of Eshowe High, thanked the Department of Education and all stakeholders who worked tirelessly in ensuring that quality teaching takes place.

District Mayor, Nonhle Mkhulisi said they are proud to enjoy a close a close relationship with the Department of Education in the District.

‘We are awarding university registration grants to 24 deserving learners. Tis will atleast allow them to register while awaiting funding from other avenues. The granting of bursaries is not a mandate of local government, but with the little we have, we hope to make a difference to a few lives.’

‘Each year we set aside a small amount to assist the learners, and this year we received may applications for grants. It is painful that we are unable to assist all of those who applied and we hope that the private sector and our local municipalities will be able to assist the needy applicants who have not been assisted,’ Mkhulisi said.