21 FEBRUARY 2018

SALGA an officially recognised body representing local government and municipalities, recently visited Richard Bay Industrial Development Zone on an intent to explore the industrialization landscape, indulge in the full scope and mandate of the RBIDZ in the District and further harness relations with the aim to facilitate efforts towards advancing the interests of government in its pursuit of innovation, quality and sustainable services.

The visit by SALGA - Economic, Employment and Planning Group was motivated by their themed session “Exploring Industrial Development Zones”.

The RBIDZ was privileged to be identified by SALGA as an Industrial Development Zone that they sought to physically explore and corroborate to its operation. It is understood that SALGA’s mandate is to “transform local government and assist in enabling it to fulfil its developmental mandate.

The RBIDZ could not be happier to be afforded such a unique opportunity to present its role, showcase its infrastructure projects, investors on the ground and its multi-billion healthy investment pipeline. It is not common to be the preferred destination of exploration mainly by leaders in government, and such decisions bring in hope that parties wish the institution well and they see full potential for its success and vision to drive economic emancipation and socio-economic development initiatives, echoed RBIDZ CEO- Pumi Motsoahae.

In simply terms SALGA essentially protects and represents the interest of local government. Amongst other duties SALGA assists in building capacity and developing leadership of municipalities they support and advise on strategies to improve the image of local government. SALGA also serves as a knowledge and information-sharing hub.

Councilor Dudu Nene who is the Chairperson for SALGA – Economic, Employment and Planning Group, emphasized in her presentation that  it is in the heart of SALGA to study and dissect rural communities' economical potential activities that aims to boost locals' economy and also observe the need to improve the under- developed communities lacking in educational, business and other skills’.

As a full partner in government, SALGA is expected to be an active participant in the Inter-governmental Relations system, to provide common policy positions on numerous issues and to voice local government interests, as well as provide solutions to the challenges facing local government.

In the recent engagements between SALGA, Umhlathuze Municipality and RBIIDZ it became strong that the initiative to foster relations is a core component and being taken seriously by all parties and is seen as the driver to enhance service delivery through developing coherent approach and maximising value from different stakeholders.

Through the engagements it was derived that SALGA significantly supports initiatives aimed at enhancing local government agenda, which is to empower and better the lives of the communities where industrialisation is taking place. Critically it facilitates the voices advocating employment creation and co-operative governance.