16 MARCH 2018


As a destined motor-force for economic emancipation the Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone is set to turn things around within the economic landscape and socio-economic development.

It is agreeable to highlight that yet another investor on site; RB Energy Services an affiliate of the Lovemore Brothers group, has commenced construction of its logistics facility which includes a warehouse, gantry crane set-up and offices. RB Energy Services a heavy logistics company is investing no less than R20 million, and the completion of construction is predicted in the second Quarter of the new financial year – 2018/19; and this will result into full operation of the company with more employment opportunities foreseen.

The company’s ultimate intent is to establish a plant and develop the operations with a full spectrum of services in machinery logistics.  The diverse services in machinery logistics will have a wide scope of offerings being; rigging, warehousing, packaging and crafting abnormal loads, mechanical services, engineering drafting and heavy machine transportation amongst others.

The project in progress within the RBIDZ is seen as dawn of hope steering employment opportunities and widespread of valuable services that have not been easily accessible and available in the Region. With its strategic location close to the port of Richards Bay one visualises easy movement of imported and exported goods which will further boost business and ease operation of various activities in Richards Bay as a whole.

The RBIDZ has not ceased to thrive for greater visible deliverables as anticipated by the cliques and those seeking development opportunities.

Aggressive investment attraction to secure investors to locate in the Zone and infrastructure development is what has been keeping the RBIDZ on the edge and further ensuring that compliance and regulatory principles are adhered to, this to ensure that investors chart all necessary processes affording them licences to locate and operate in the Zone.

For those eagerly awaiting for the positive results as stated by the mandate of the RBIDZ, the journey and desired output could seem dreadful, however at this juncture the RBIDZ is convinced and  foresees a new era being ushered into the Region.

Learnership Opportunities

The infrastructure development projects already executed have created encouraging employment opportunities directly and indirectly.  The already operational factory (SPS) manufacturing PVC-O pipes located in Phase 1A has further afforded locals with permanent employment, and recently the local youth possessing mechanical and electrical qualifications have also been enrolled to a Learnership programme in the same factory for skills development and assistance to accomplish their qualification requirements.

Employment and Learnership opportunities in the factory are expected to escalate noting that the factory is in the process of expanding its operation base, and these will expose and afford locals with diverse development and skills opportunities in the near future.