26 MARCH 2018

When you give a pair of shoes to a child, you give so many other things like Hope, Dignity and Joy. Giving a child a pair of shoes instills dignity, joy and it affords a child an opportunity to reach the highest potential.

The look the learners give you when they put on their new shoes is priceless. It gives them a sense of relief that has a lasting impact on the basic needs. The Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone recently acknowledged that education and emotional stability goes together and none can be ignored; this was attested by the recent gracious donation of school shoes and school branded back packs to Mkhandlwini Primary School learners.

‘Tackling the most basic need of having a pair of shoes for school allows the children to shift their focus back to activities that support their social, emotional and academic growth, instead of them being worried and sidetracked by this basic need’.

The aim of education is not to develop one single virtue but to produce healthy normal human beings who understand the meaning of life and what it demands from them. As the RBIDZ we recognise the need for education as a resilient bridge that will help boost our leaners’ morale, help them to cross over to a promising future and create a better nation wholly.

The RBIDZ has been donating school shoes, stationery and maths sets to the needy annually as part of its Back to School campaign. Attending the official Corporate Social Investment handover held recently at Mkhandlwini Primary School situated at KwaBiyela Reserve, in the outskirts of Empangeni were RBIDZ staffers who affirmed the importance of education to learners and assured them that their current circumstances should never determine their future, however the present should be ammunition to turn their lives around.

To receive the much needed items was School Principal; Mrs. G.G Zulu, who extended her immeasurable appreciation for the donation made, commending that the items will do a great deal of difference, as some of the learners’ situations were unbearable.  “No learner should feel oppressed by going to school, these basics will boost learners’ confidence and they will look forward to another day of school with confidence throughout the year, she equipped”.

Concurring to her sentiments was SGB representative, who stated that the generous contribution has brought hope to them as a school based in the deep rural setting. ‘We are privileged that our call was heard, and we hope that this occasion stays cemented to our learners’ hearts, and forever remind them that there are big companies like the RBIDZ who care about their progress and are willing to contribute towards their sustainability and success’.  

‘Another lesson she hoped the learners will draw, is that of giving, “learners should be taught that true giving goes a long way, who knows maybe today the future CEO is standing in the front row and received a pair of shoes, we will one day be proud of our selves when we see these young kids make a difference in the country, motivated by the support we afforded them”, she concluded”.