05 APRIL 2018

The Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone Company SOC Ltd. (RBIDZ),  a Special Economic Zone that is purpose-built to attract domestic and foreign direct investments, is honoured to announce that it is now ISO 14001 certified.


Presenting the certificate recently was the South African Bureau of Standards' (SABS) Operational Manager for EMS, Ron Pillay. He congratulated the RBIDZ and acknowledged the efforts put by RBIDZ and all members of staff in setting the management system in place affording them a qualification as a subscriber to the best international standards in environmental management.


ISO 14001 is a part of the ISO 14001 family of international standards that aims to assist organisations and companies to implement a systematic framework for better management control of environmental responsibilities. Using ISO 14001 has many benefits including improved natural resource efficiency, waste reduction, improved stakeholder and customer trust, and gaining a competitive advantage in investor attraction.


This was echoed by the CEO of the RBIDZ, Mr Pumi Motsoahae, when he said: “By benchmarking security posture against recognized standards, like the ISO 14001, RBIDZ reflects its deep commitment to maintain its stakeholder’s satisfaction which enhances the competitive advantage, reliability and customer experience dealing with RBIDZ.” Further, the “continual advancement of security measures for stakeholders, mainly investors located in our estate is critical in order to protect sensitive quality standards.  The ISO 14001 certification provides assurance to stakeholders that RBIDZ is taking a systematic approach to managing sensitive company performance and quality”


Concluding, Motsoahae remarked that, ‘today we should remember that in 2015 we got the first certification which was ISO 9001 (the international standard for quality management), and this second one is an endorsement and confirmation that we are doing well and we are complying with all obligatory regulations, and this defines who we are since the investors will also test us on the standards we are compliant to before taking a final decision of whether they can do business with us or not’.


The RBIDZ SHEQ Manager, Percy Langa, responsible for ensuring that the company adheres to both the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards said: ‘as the RBIDZ, we should be very proud that we have been able to meet all criterion and scrutiny required by SABS which has resulted in RBIDZ achieving ISO 14001’.  ‘The certificate is valid for 3 years and, during this period, we will ensure that we keep on adhering and taking proactive approach in identifying environmental risks with the aim of improving the environment’, he concluded.