Gauteng EDTEA Portfolio Committee takes on an oversight visit at the RBIDZ

14 JUNE 2018

The RBIDZ is activating various engagement sessions with key provincial and national stakeholders. These engagements are essentially critical for forging relations and stimulating ideas aimed at catalysing economic growth within the region.

Whilst the RBIDZ is aggressively promoting itself as an ideal investment destination, it is also mindful of the fact that its stakeholders are equally important; sharing information and engaging them from time to time is a significant action towards the company’s success and existence.

Recently, the RBIDZ had an opportunity to host the Gauteng Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs Portfolio Committee led by the KZN Legislature. The Inter- Legislature visit sought to oversee the progress of the projects, reasons being that the initial implementation of the SEZ programmes was aimed at fast-tracking wealth generation and creation of employment opportunities. The overseeing Committees, therefore note that it is their responsibility to ensure that the SEZ’s like the Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone yield the desired outputs, and further intervene where there are challenges hindering the delivery of the mandate.

It is important to acknowledge that the members of parliament have a huge responsibility of ensuring that the funds allocated to each entity are utilised favourably and for the intended purpose hence full co-operation is required from the implementing agents.

It is by this notion that the committee members take time to engage parties involved and take on a full oversight responsibility to ensure that there is accountability towards service delivery.

For the RBIDZ, stakeholder engagement is taken seriously given the fact that the arrays of stakeholders have various interests and expectations from the company.

As strategic partners various government Committees serve as ‘the voice for the people as well as for government and businesses’, advocating for policies and practices that ensure the country’s continued growth and development.