04 FEBRUARY 2019

Heightening its involvement in community development and awareness, the RBIDZ in partnership with King Cetshwayo District Municipality recently visited the Melmoth - Mfanufikile Community in an effort to analyse community needs and sustainable interventions that could assist the community develop themselves in the future.

Noticeable, the area is still engulfed by poverty and isolation from basic amenities of life, like running water; however, a glimpse of hope was noticed on the road as one could point out to the water infrastructure that was being developed along the road. This was a sign that water challenges would soon be a thing of the past.

Instigating hope and an element that we as entities have to contribute towards fast tracking change, it is our top priority to be involved in sustainable community development projects that would continue to assist the communities long after we have left. The first step towards understanding our communities is to get close to them and scrutinise their urgent needs; not only did we observe and analyse what was amiss during our visit; however, we emphasised education to the majority of children that we found in all the homes that we visited although it was a normal school day. 

‘The common response deterring learners from attending school was hunger due to unavailability of food in the homes resulting in children not to be keen to attend school’; and beyond that from our observations was also an element of neglect of children by their parents who get the government grant however leave the children to be raised by elderly grandmothers who are unable to enforce discipline.

In spite of all that was self-presented onto our faces during the interactions with the communities, the team was able to bring happiness to badly stricken families by handing over food hampers understanding that it is not a long term solution but should bring joy and assist for a little while.

The RBIDZ in collaboration with other partners aim to contribute positively in people’s lives, this done through skills development, creating employment opportunities and creating sustainable community development programmes.

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