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The Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone recently realized its long time aspiration of contributing towards the education of young aspiring and determined youth of King Cetshwayo District. This was done through the Study Assistance Programme that has been recently rolled out.

The eight carefully selected excellent achievers of the Matric Class of 2017 were awarded full bursaries to assist them further their tertiary studies in the Universities of their choice pursuing their careers in the scarce skills disciplines.

RBIDZ is an entity of the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs, which aims to attract local and foreign direct investments into the country for economic development, job creation, skills development and transfer. It is therefore a huge responsibility for the organisation to ensure that the local youth is moulded and geared towards diverse and advanced opportunities brought along by seasoned investors of the world.

The company’s outlook for its success is linked to a healthy, skilled and safe society hence it is the pivotal intent to invest in opportunities that will strengthen the development of our people.

Skills development is a national priority in South Africa and a critical factor to the future success of the country. Meeting South Africa’s skills needs requires input from numerous public and government institutions, as well as private organisations. If we talk about skills development we talk about changing lives, empowering capabilities and enhancing the potential of employability and alignment of the skills to the economy. South Africa is a diverse country and its economy is divided into various sectors that drive the workforce.

In view of this, RBIDZ has pledged to play a meaningful and pro-active role in assisting to bridge this gap, preparing our youth for the workplace through a variety of learning and skills development opportunities.

The stature that has been taken by the RBIDZ knocks in as a key mechanism for redressing imbalances in the fields that are regarded as scarce in the market.  It is a direct response by the RBIDZ to the markets demands and government’s calls for reform in these “scarce skills” disciplines. The liberation of youth through focus on the study areas of Engineering, Science, Town Planning, Technology and Economics is a drive to build diverse marketable talent that will enhance competitive opportunities created by the fast changing era.

The RBIDZ believes that the investment in the education of a child, critically those coming from disadvantaged backgrounds is a life time investment to the country and the immeasurable opportunity to untangle the chains of poverty. It is undisputable that education is the greatest equaliser of circumstances and that the students should use education to become globally competitive.

Youth of today is at the forefront of the struggle for economic emancipation, and the opportunity afforded to these children should allow them to spread their wings into heights for the betterment of the nation. The investment embedded to these children is by no means regarded as the financial one however it is ammunition in the fight for economic liberation.

In its existence at King Cetshwayo District which is a rural part of northern KwaZulu Natal, the RBIDZ aims to change lives, create a pathway for knowledge and make a difference to the future leaders of the country.

The dynamic team supported by the RBIDZ have set their goals high in the disciplines of Mechanical Engineering, Environment- Built Geosciences, Information Technology and Accounting; and the future looks bright for them.

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The RBIDZ is a company made up of real people, with a real dedication, and passion to effect real change in South Africa. This commitment and energy is apparent in all the company dealings with all its stakeholders.

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