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Marine Industry Development

Marine Industry Development

Ocean Economy

The Government’s strategic support programme called Operation Phakisa has set a target to grow the Ocean Economy’s GDP contribution to R177bn by 2033. SA has eight major ports including two of the world’s top container ports and two of the world’s biggest dry bulk ports, with capacity for Panamax, Capesize vessels and ultra-large container ships.

South Africa is perfectly located to serve all major oil fields in West and East Africa. Five of the country’s major ports provide excellent oil rig and drillship repair and maintenance services at competitive rates. South Africa also offers world-class repair, refurbishment and maintenance services at highly competitive rates. Repair and maintenance costs are over 40% lower compared to Korea, Japan, the Netherlands and Germany.


Key Opportunities

  • Repair and maintenance of ships and drilling rigs, supported by extensive infrastructure and deep supply chains
  • Investment in a next-generation ship and boat-building technology services
  • Bunkering, re-supply and medical support services
  • Provision of storage and logistics services
  • Port operations consulting services
  • Provision of maritime training services
  • Opportunities for private equity investment in local and pan-African project development



South Africa’s aquaculture sector is relatively small, contributing about 0.8% to the country’s fish production. South Africa remains about 50% dependent on fish imports.  Aquaculture presents an attractive opportunity to reduce import dependency and to ensure a sustainable supply of fish and seafood products to South African consumers.

Aquaculture provides an attractive and sustainable alternative to provide a source of protein for South Africa’s population. The farming of freshwater species is concentrated in Limpopo, the Mpumalanga Lowveld and Northern KwaZulu-Natal. Richards Bay IDZ has been earmarked as one of the aquaculture development zones (ADZ).


Key Opportunities

  • Farming of freshwater and saltwater species
  • Supply of aquaculture equipment and technology
  • Supply of skills development programs for aquaculture
  • Supply of veterinarian services
  • Supply of feed for aquaculture
  • Local feed production
  • Supply of water purification and filtration technology
  • Spat breeding
  • Processing and canning of fish and seafood
  • Supply of logistics services


There are exciting investment opportunities that lie within the Marine Industry. Strategic research is currently being conducted.

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