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Through sustained partnership with the City of uMhlathuze, the RBIDZ has access to valuable environmental information about its area of operation, which includes:

  • Municipal Integrated Environmental Programme
  • Environmental Management Framework for the Port and Industrial Development Zone
  • uMhlathuze Climate Change Strategy
  • uMhlathuze Air Quality Buffer Zones
  • Coastal Management
  • uMhlathuze Environmental Services Management Plan and Nature Reserves
  • Environmental GIS data


The RBIDZ has commissioned the Strategic Land Evaluation investigation in order to get an accurate assessment of the environmental constraints associated with each development area. This will assist the RBIDZ in making quick and informed decisions with regards to the placement of investors within the RBIDZ.

In line with the IDZ Programme Regulations, the RBIDZ company and its enterprises comply with all environmental legislative requirements. To this end, Phase 1A and 1B of the five developmental phases received the environmental authorisation in terms of the Environment Conservation Act.

The Environmental Management Plan is in place for all the developmental phases. Each IDZ enterprise is expected to conduct a project specific environmental impact assessment where applicable. A minimum requirement is for all enterprises to have an environmental management plan.

The RBIDZ SHE Guidelines have been developed to help enterprises better manage their environmental impact, and they are assisted with the following initiatives:

  • Waste and effluent Management
  • Resource (Water and Energy) Conservation
  • Biodiversity and Land Management
  • Air Quality Management
  • Aesthetics and Noise Management
  • Environmental Compliance

The RBIDZ is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

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The RBIDZ is a company made up of real people, with a real dedication, and passion to effect real change in South Africa. This commitment and energy is apparent in all the company dealings with all its stakeholders.

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