Translating the Long Walk to Freedom through Schools Support Initiatives

Mandela Day celebrated in the world by many always remind us of the acts of kindness that we practise every day however on this special day all nations take a pause and dedicate time and efforts to various activities in respect of Tata Mandela. This is made significant by the fact that July is the birth month of a big man himself. 

Like many, the RBIDZ partook in various activities to commemorate the world - icon- Tata Nelson Mandela. In collaboration with Science CEO Academy; an NPO facilitating one of the Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone’s Schools Support Initiatives, the united Mandela Day effort intended to give career guidance and support to the learners on the importance of education was directed to the learners of Dlamvuzo Secondary School at ESikhaleni.

The focus on education mainly is heightened by Tata’s love for education which he saw as the key to the future. Tata stood by the principle that education was the right for all children and as such children should be given education, so that they could use it as an ammunition to break the shackles of the past.

Leading the Mandela Day activation at Dlamvuzo Secondary on the day was the CEO of the Academy; - Ms Nozibusiso Gumede, a qualified Bacteriologist; a rare profession associated with conducting research experiments and the study of micro-organism behaviour.

Nozi is motivated by her background since she was also raised in rural areas, however did not let the situation fizzle her dreams of brushing off the dirt and be one of the few Scientists in the country. Nozi believes that the success is in one’s hands as long as they put their focus to the goal and seek help and support every step of the way.

‘Having travelled the world and engaged learners abroad and locally she stated that children lose self-motivation when it comes to Maths and Physical Sciences; however, the responsibility is “ours” to obliterate the fear and lend a helping hand to the upcoming youth’. Maths and Physical Science can be done by anyone as long as they have all the necessary resources, she stated. ‘It is the future’.

The Science CEO Academy being the facilitator of Maths and Physical Science intervention programmes aimed at improving the understanding and performance of learners in schools is also the driver of the RBIDZ Schools Support Initiative that seeks to ensure that the learners, mainly matric learners are assisted in these subjects regarded as difficult by many yet they are also the cornerstone for the market and employability.

The day was signed off by a hand over of science kits to the school, which are intended to assist with experimentations and bringing practicality of science to reality. Facilitated by the sponsors of the programme; RBIDZ, and innovation drivers themselves; Science CEO Academy, the donations were recognised as the ‘first of its kind’ for the school; and surpassed the expectations for the day to Dlamvuzo Secondary learners and educators.

‘There was no better direction to take, but pave the way to work out how as the RBIDZ, we could translate the long walk to freedom into meaningful and impactful practicality’.


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